Progress on the car continues

4R70W trans is mounted , shifter in place , cables for the controller are run.   The Detroit Locker and Moser Axles are in as well.  I had the axle tubes welded since the rear end was out of the car.  Mounting the controller and boost gauge are next.   I still have the following to put on the car:

  1. BMR Radiator Support – weighs 8lbs versus the 26lb stock one
  2. S & H FPDM Upgraded wiring kit – should lower FPDM cycle by 10%
  3. Rear Seat Delete Kit – my friend Bryan sent me a rear seat delete kit – more weight savings!!! That is worth about 33lbs.

New MT ET Street R’s are mounted and waiting for some Mexico testing. Switched to a 28″ tire – 275/60/15 versus the 27″ from last year.

The rest of my vinyl is ordered in pink – got FM / TS #8 all in pink so will match the rest of the stickers.

Finally – the new T-Shirts are in!!!!!  Look for some pics when I pick them up on Friday.

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