2020 – making 3Valves great again!!!

Big changes coming in 2020 for GMR!!!

  • Adding a Holley Terminator X Max Engine Management system
  • Reworked intercooler / trans cooler / radiator setup
  • Reworked cold side of turbo
  • Welded charge pipe on throttle body
  • Upgraded transmission internal parts
  • Upgraded torque converter to a 258mm non lockup converter
  • Plan on adding the following:
    • Team UPR Anti Rollbar
    • Strange Single Adjustable Front Struts and BMR Drag Springs
    • Viking Double Adjustable Rear Shocks
    • 10 point roll cage
  • Switching from NMRA to OCSA but plan on running several NMRA / NMCA events close to me as well.
  • Dedicating more time to 1320 True Street events at MCIR along with hitting more No Prep events in Ohio / Indiana and other states.

2020 is looking great so far!!!


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